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Maintenance, security & content updates (X 5 pages)

This is a combined service designed to meet your website’s needs for maintenance, security and content updates for an exceptional price making it accessible to small business customers.

What are website maintenance and security updates and why do I need them?

You have probably heard in the news about websites being attacked, defaced and data being stolen. This is because the internet has become a more complicated place rife with criminals and those looking to exploit other people’s websites and personal data, through attacking with easy to get hold of hacking tools. We provide our maintenance, security and updates service to defend against the hacking threats to your website, to do this we use firewalls, virus checking, tight administration policies and also keeping your website’s software up to date. Our service is designed to stop the bad guys in their tracks and prevent them from hacking your site, but if the worst should happen and your site gets hacked then this service includes an offsite backup of your files and database which we can use to restore your website back to health.

Why do I need content updates ?

Although you can make the updates to your websites yourself, updates made by the customers rarely look as good or impressive as when updates are made by a skilled professional with practised website design and technical skills. That is why we offer our content updates service for up to 5 pages per month****. We will update your pages with images and text that you supply, using our graphic design and web skills, meaning you don’t need to learn anything to update your website. You just sit back let us do it for you.

Do I already receive this service from 131 Design / Tricorn books

Please check with Dan from 131 Design or Tricorn books to check if you have been already been benefiting from this service. If so you will need to purchase this service directly from Guided Website Design to continue /  maintain benefits and security provided by this service.

Website maintenance and security includes

  • *5 webpage updates. *****
  • Website software updates.
  • Checking the website to make sure updates are installed properly.
  • Checking contact forms to make sure they work after software updates.
  • Detecting when your website goes down (and getting it back up).
  • Restoring your website from a backup if it gets hacked (at no cost to you).
  • Backing up your website Weekly.
  • A large store of your website backups.
  • Offsite backup storage: so hackers can’t delete your backups.
  • Taking file and database backups of your website.
  • Taking offsite backups and storing on another server.
  • Updating content management system.***
  • Operating your website firewall.
  • Updating websites software (components ,plugins, modules).
  • Malware scanning your website.
  • Setup and configuration of all software included in the package.
  • **Access to paid professional versions of:
  • Pro backup software.
  • Pro website Firewall.
  • Pro admin.
  • Pro antivirus software (Website Malware).

Let us take care of your website

If you would like us to take care of your website, security and content update needs please subscribe

**For the period of the subscription
***We update small versions version e.g 3.49 to 3.54 but not major version e.g 3.5 to 4.2. This is because major versions are often entirely different software which required a rebuild and code changes to the templates and components.
****This service does not includes coding, web development, image editing, spell checking or structural changes to your website, this content updates service is for updating textual information and images that you supply to us.
*****Each page update must be no more than 1 A4 page long.

Google apps  support + general website support (2 hours)

Google apps for business contains many apps including email, Google drive, Google calendar and much much more, these combine to create a big service, which some customers can find daunting and complex to administer. We offer our Google apps support and general website support service to take the sting out of this for small businesses, so if you get a problem with Google apps or your website you just phone us and we help resolve the problem for you. As a part of the service we will also administer your Google apps control panel, create and remove accounts and maintain an admin account in case you should get locked out or need your details resetting. As an added extra if you want to ask General IT advice we are happy to help.

  • Problem solving with your Google apps and Google apps services
  • 2 hours telephone support per month (website related, Google apps and we don’t mind a general IT question as well we will help where we can)
  • We take care of your Google apps administration
  • we hold a key account for you Google apps in case you get locked out.
  • We have a large knowledge base and experience to give you support
  • We help getting Google apps security set up
  • We problem solve if you stop getting email or get other Google apps related problems
  • We will give you guidance on that and other IT subjects if you need it.
  • Up to 2 hours a month phone support
  • If your email gets a problem and you get locked out we can get you back in ( we act as a key holder)
  • We will create and setup new users for you (you don’t have to worry about the technical side of it)

Let us take care of your Google apps for Business

If you would like website and Google apps support then subscribe to our service for the low price of £12 per month